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Fresh off the lot Daytona Grey R8, fully protected with Suntek Ultra Defense PPF.  This film is twice as thick (11.5mil) compared to it's competitors (6mil), and is our go to product for those looking for more value and protection against road debris and accidental damage.  This is a 100% bumper to bumper custom installation, and comes with a 10 Year Warranty against any heavy lifting, oxidation buildup, and film discoloration.

PPF Full Body Coverage


Factory Solid Black wrapped in KPMF Purple/Blue Iridescent color shifting film, and full 3M satin black chrome delete.  All of our Tesla Model 3 wrap installations consist of removing the badges, headlights, complete front bumper disassembly, upper window trim, lower door trim, rear tail lights, and rear bumper.  Doing so will allow us to maximize the amount of coverage around the edges which will prevent the film from lifting over time.

Custom Wrap Color Change


This one-off 600LT was brought to us by one our special clients who had a custom drive by system made to accommodate his ability to track his car using just his hands. We protected the car with Suntek Ultra PPF throughout the high impact areas and topped it off with our Ceramic Pro Gold package including the full interior.  This will keep the car looking good as new on and off the track.

PPF Track Package & Ceramic Pro

2020 MCLAREN 600 LT

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