Auto Detailing Packages

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Supreme Detailworks understands that certain events can cause you to miss your appointment such as inclement weather conditions (i.e. rain), or a personal emergency.  In the event of a missed appointment due to these specific conditions, you will be given a one-time 14-day grace period to reschedule.  A cancellation, no call, no show will result in an automatic charge of 50% of the cost of services booked, and is non-refundable.  

Detail Disclaimer

A thorough walk thru and inspection is done prior to any work being performed on your vehicle.  All visible damage will be documented and photographed before signing the service order.  

All personal possessions should be removed from your vehicle prior to the detail.  Supreme Detailworks will not be held liable for any damage or loss.  

Additional charges may apply due to the size and condition of your vehicle.  We do not guarantee 100% removal of excessive pet hair, vomit, cigarette smoke, mildew, heavy stains, and spoiled milk.  

All prices provided by Supreme Detailworks are subject to change without notice.

Before and after photos are taken for our website because we love to show off our work.  Please notify us in advance, if you wish not to have your vehicle displayed.  

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the end result, we will do everything in our power to make it right.  

Appointment Policy

Supreme Detailworks requires you to have a payment card at the time of booking to ensure your appointment is guaranteed. Clients will not be charged automatically for any services unless there is a breach in our Appointment Cancellation Policy.  

Appointment Only

Appointment Only

Works wash 

Everything from our Premier package is included.  Special attention to detail is focused on the interior.  We steam clean the carpets and fabric upholstery with multiple passes, and extract as much dirt to ensure we‘ve removed as much of it as possible.  All vinyl and leather surfaces are degreased and coated with UV protection conditioner.  Also, our most common option for lease returns to avoid additional wear and tear fees.

Deep Clean (Est. 4hrs)

Recommended for heavy swirl marks, and minor scratches. Everything from our Signature package is included.  All the trim pieces, windows and edges are properly masked off to prepare a proper paint correction.  3M Perfect-it polishes are used to bring your paint back to life.  We then finish it off with a complete top of engine bay detail.  Definitely a mush have If you‘re looking to sell your vehicle, and want top dollar for it.  Free overnight storage is required.  

Showroom Finish (Est. 15-24hrs)

Appointment Only

Designed to maintain the factory showroom shine.  After a thorough Supreme detail package has been executed we properly prep the paint with detail clay.  This process will remove any embedded brake dust, tree sap, and road tar to ensure a clean surface.  We then apply 2 fresh coats of carnauba wax. Proper maintenance and care will result in a longer lasting finish.    

Clay & Wax (Est. 3hrs)

Mid Size$390
Full Size$410
Large Size$430
XL Size$470
Mid Size$500
Full Size$525
Large Size$550
XL Size$625

Appointment Only

Does your car have minimal swirl marks, or had someone do a poor buff job?  Then this ones for you!  Everything from our Works package is included.  The exterior paint receives a full pass of 3D HD Micro Polish using an orbital buffer and soft foam pad to remove any minor imperfections from poor maintenance. We then apply a coat of our signature sealer and top it off with 2 coats of butter wax.  Estimated protection for up to 12 months.

By popular demand (Est. 6hrs)

Mid Size$730
Full Size$765
Large Size$800
XL Size


Compact $est
Mid Size $est
Full Size $est
Large Size $est
XL Size $est
Luxury $est
Exotic $est
Standard wash 

Our most cost effective alternative to keeping the exterior of your vehicle clean and looking its best. The exterior is steam washed with a high pressure formulated solution to remove embedded dirt, grime, bird droppings and other impurities. Detail spray solution is then applied for protection and shine on all painted surfaces. Tires and wheels are also cleaned and dressed.

Exterior Only (Est. 45 min)

Mid Size$60
Full Size$70
Large Size$80
XL Size$90
Deluxe wash 

Tailored for lightly soiled vehicles.  We start with our Standard detail and work our way inside.  The dashboard, cluster, steering column, vents, cup holders are dusted and wiped clean.  Both door and trunk jambs are steam cleaned.  All glass surfaces including rear view mirror and sun visors are cleaned and left spotless.  The carpet and upholstery is thoroughly vacuumed.

Mini Detail (Est. 2hrs)

Mid Size$145
Full Size$165
Large Size$185
XL Size$210
Supreme wash 

Recommended for mildly soiled vehicles, or exposure to extreme conditions. In addition to our Deluxe package, the rear trunk jambs are steam cleaned and vacuumed. The front and rear floor mats are shampooed, while the entire dashboard, center console, and steering wheel are degreased.  All panels are wiped clean and finished off with UV protection conditioner.  Ideal for bi-weekly follow up service to keep your car looking fresh and clean.

Mid Size$270
Full Size$290
Large Size$310
XL Size$335

Appointment Only

Clean & Condition (Est. 2hrs)


Appointment Only

Appointment Only

Appointment Only

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